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List of Dave's PlaceAttendees

Below is the list of people attending and the items they have signed up to bring.

  • If you would like to change your information you can resubmit the signup form with the changes (may take 24 hours to process)
  • If you are not signed up yet, you can do so by clicking the "Dave's Place Signup" link in the Main Menu on the left

Reg Name Adults Children Days Staying Bringing
1Sam Edwards20 - Saturday - Sunday -appetizer: Tba
entree: Tba
side dish: Tba
dessert: Tba
supplies: Tba
2Vahan Petrosyan10 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -appetizer: meat
entree: meat
3Scott Seitz22 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -entree: Meat
4Jon Held10 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -entree: Something good
5Jamie Rock10 - Saturday - Sunday -supplies: paper/plastic goods
6 Lipinski20 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -appetizer: Kielbasa
entree: Kielbasa
side dish: Kielbasa
dessert: Yup kielbasa
7Mark Woytovich10 - Friday - Saturday -entree: chicken
8Jared Koronkiewicz12 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -appetizer: meat
entree: meat
side dish: more meat
supplies: plates. utensils
9Chris Monez22 - Saturday - Sunday - 
10David Mosher11 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -appetizer: Veggie platter
dessert: Cookie's
11Stephen Bukoski12 - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -entree: Anything grillable
12Chris Bielat10 - Friday - Saturday -entree: Burgers/hotdogs...
Reg Name Adults Children Days Attending Bringing